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Julie & Rodolphe



Chief Officer



In love with orcas of course… Working also in the yachting industry as charter broker I have a strong hospitality service. I will be on-board helping for safety and spotting the blows of the whales. I have been also working for the same whale watching company in Norway as a guide with Rodolphe for two winter seasons.



I am a yacht captain since 10 years, cruising around the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas for the charter guests. Passionated about orcas since my childhood I travelled several times to Vancouver Island approaching them by Kayak in the summer and since 5 years now whale watching and orca diving in Norway, working also a couple of years as a captain for a whale watching company in norway in the winter. With my experience and respect of animals I will approach the whales in the best secure and respectful way and will always try to give you the best opportunities to photograph or dive with them if the conditions allow this.



I am chief officer of all expeditions! I am a beautiful black & white (a bit of brown as well !!) 4 years old Bodegherro adopted from Spain and I follow my two friends in all their adventure trips in Norway since unfortunately they prefer arctic places… I will not do anything except waiting for you at the chalet after your whale watching trip and allow you to cuddle with me if you wish, I don’t bite !! I will leave you a paw print in your heart..


Discover  orcas & whales in their natural environment
it is not a job it is a passion

Tailor-made trip

Sharing your moment all together or willing privacy onboard..all can be done

Photo trip

Your boat captain will expertly position the RIB boat to help maximize the light when capturing images of whales, birds or landscapes

Aurora borealis

The auroras can be visible in many shapes and colors, it can be moving both slow and majestic as well as fast and furious. And no other celestial object is better to put things into perspective, and makes you realize in a better way how small you really are in this endless universe we live in.


Valhalla – The Boat

I am a Zodiac Hurricane CZ7 8m long and was built originally for military and rescue purposes so I was basically born to handle any sea conditions !  I have 2 x 150cv Yamaha outboard which give me the possibility to move at a good 40 knots if needed

My deck is flush and proposes you 8 single jockey seats and 2 extra seat on a comfortable bench on the stern plus of course space on the sides if you prefer to sit on my cosy inflatable booms.

I am carrying a lot of equipment for :

Navigation & Safety


2 plotters (1 with a 3D downvision)

Search Light


Satellite Phone

Rescue sling for MOB

Swim ladder

Life raft

All life-jackets, flares and all SOLAS gears

1 Search And Rescue Transponder (SART)

1 Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)


A heater for your cold hands after diving

Bluetooth Radio

Hydrophone connected to the radio

Underwater Seavision

Drone Mavic Pro

2 Go Pro

1 Nikon 360° Camera for above and underwater videos

2 Nikon Pro Camera for taking pictures of you diving with the magnificent orca in the Arctic waters

Warm Boxes for the lunch

A BBQ if comes the opportunity to stop on land

1 dry bag per person for your gears and a compartment under your seat

Fishing gears if some of you want to try on the way back !

An espresso coffee machine !!!!

Do you want to know more? We are at your disposal to preprare your trip